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2022 - Due to the merging of the Four Rivers and Capital Districts, a new Day Camp has been created.  Please visit the new website for current information.

Camp Program Overview:

     The theme for the 1st Camp Riverhawk is “SUPERHEROES".  Many theme related activities are already in progress for all programs: Rank, Den, Camp-wide and various Staff areas like: Archery, BBs, Citizenship, Cooking, Crafts (specific to ages and including woodworking), Character Counts, Fishing, Games, Nature, Service, Skills, Skits, Songs, and … not to mention our plans to just have FUN!!!  We will also have our incoming Tiger Cub program to encompass a two day program and our Camp Aide program to include opportunities to earn requirements towards leadership and service hours.

Program Dates:

     We are currently scheduled for One Session of Camp Riverhawk this year.
           June 27 - July 1, 2022   8:15am - 4:15pm




"    Softly falls the light of day,                   
                    As our campfire fades away.    "


"    Silently each Scout should ask,                   
                    Have I done my daily task?    "

"    Have I kept my honor bright?                   
                     Can I guiltless sleep tonight?    "


"    Have I done and have I dared,                   
                    Everything to be prepared?    "

"Scout Vespers" -


IF you have any further question, please e-mail our Camp Director.

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