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Frequently Asked Questions About Cub Scout Day Camp

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Who needs a health form?


There is a two page Health Form that all Campers, Leaders & Staff need to fill out.  This is required and provided by the Boy Scouts of America.  You may download a copy from the "Forms" section of this web site.  Make sure to attach your photo.


Can I bring my camper to Day Camp late?


Yes, you will need to sign-in at the Admin Area.  You will then be told what station your camper's Den is currently visiting.  Your camper can join his Den Leader there.


Can I walk around with my camper's den for the day?


Yes, by all means!  We need all the help we can get.


Can I have someone pick my child up from Day Camp, other than his/her parent or guardian?


Yes, you will need to get a Transportation Form from the "Forms" section of this web site.


How do I go about becoming a Staffer/Camp Aide for Day Camp?


You may contact the Camp Director, Jenn Martin.  Her information is posted in the "Contacts" section and you may review the forms and documents in our "Staff" section. We'll be glad to have you onboard.


What does my child have to do to become a Camp Aide?


All Camp Aides will receive a letter stating hours of community service given to our program, which most youth organizations and some schools will accept.  This is a great way to gain hours for Rank Advancement in the BSA/GSA.


What do I have to do to work on Staff?


Staff Members must be 18 years of age and have current BSA Youth Protection Training.  This is offered Online through the link on our site.


What if I can't be in camp all day, can I still help in some way?


Yes, contact the Camp Director to work something out.


Can my son attend Day Camp, even though his pack won't be coming?


Yes!  It's a great way to make new friends.


Will my son/daughter have fun at Cub Scout Day Camp?


YES!!!  We can't see how anyone couldn't have fun here.


If you have any further question, please e-mail our Camp Director.

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